2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

St Malo

Had time for a nice breakfast at the hotel before we headed off to the ferry terminal. It didn't take too long to load this time and we managed to dump our stuff in the cabin and then find somewhere to sit.

I carried on with my crocheting and listened to some podcasts and then read for a bit. As we were passing the channel islands, there was an announcement that the decks and one of the bars had to be evacuated so that a helicopter could land on the ferry to evacuate a passenger. We slowed down considerably, a medical team were landed on the ferry and then the military helicopter circled us for over an hour. Eventually the patient ( a crew member with chest pains it turned out) was air lifted off and we got underway again.

The crossing was otherwise uneventful and we were home by about 8 pm - work starts again for us both on Monday.

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