The fool on the hill

By mooncoin

Just you wait

I put together a video for Youtube today. It took an age on my old Compaq. I did realise that I'd need to get a faster laptop if I want to edit HD video from my 500D. As it was, the thing froze 3 times so I ended up doing the same job 4 times and in the end I just put it together as gingerly as I could without any tweaking and saved it asap. I nicked the Blipalele song for it as it seems to fit and I know it wouldn't - frustratingly - be removed by the powers that be for infringment of copyright laws. I retrospectively ran it past Joe - well... I can't see anyone would really mind. I know I don't - and I had a bit part. It's further exposure for our musical oasis of talent!
I was in Tesco this afternoon and spotted an Acer, ex-display, 120 notes off...
I'll miss my old Compaq.
The video is here.

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