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One More Thing...


That's better.

Spent a very frustrating evening trying to install Windows 7 - on a Mac - and it's taken up so much of my time, time I should really have been concentrating on blipping, that I'm left with little choice but to blip it.

I still stifle a smile when I see these two brands together like this, after all their history together, and especially when you see the look of intrigue on some as the Windows start-up chime emanates from the Mac and you have to explain to them that Windows does indeed run on Macs. Ok, it's a smug smile maybe, but we take our kicks where we can around these parts.

There's a "One More Thing..." event taking place tomorrow in which Mr. Jobs has personally asked us all to come along to and see his "latest creation". I'll probably follow this online somewhere as they sometimes do come up with game-changing products - iMac, iPod, iPhone - although the last couple have been less so. The big money's on a tablet PC with an Apple shine on it (iSlate, iPad, Canvas, AyeRight or whatever) but as usual Apple keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to new products.

It'll at least pass a cold winter Wednesday night with something entertaining - for all us Mac Fan Boys (and Girls) at least ;-)

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