A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Medallion Man

Emergency blip of object #19 on the shelf.

Occasionally our Taiwanese company celebrates a significant event by issuing a small token to all concerned (sometimes really rather remotely concerned).

It always amuses the English speakers that this is announced as that we are to receive a "medal" for the work. That conjures up all sorts of images, very few of which are positive.

However, when the first 'medal' arrived, this little fella, we find it's not a big brass neck adornment after all but something potentially useful. This fellow isn't quite what he seems - he's a USB phone charger!

...for a US-style mains socket.

Busy day - just returned from week... I've lost count... of 3rd Dan grading testing - two sessions, the first testing my teaching of the group, the second (after everyone else had gone home) testing my black-belt kicks, sequences and a couple of katas. I'm melting slightly.

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