Gletschergarten Weg

We had an orienteering first today. We went up the mountain to the event via two cable cars, orienteered for 50 or so minutes, came down the mountain via two cable cars and were in the shower by 10.10am! Early starts in this place! There was no point in hanging around up at Riffelalp (2358m) because the weather was poor again and we both got wet, so not many orienteering blips today and my landscape blips were taken between 7 and 9am!

After a leisurely cuppa and come round couple of hours, the day brightened a little so it was on with the boots and up on the cable car to Furi - thankfully we have an eight day pass as part of the event so we can zoom around on the cable cars as much as we want. From Furi we followed the Gletschergarten Weg which winds up through the forest, across a scary suspension bridge and up towards the snout of the Gletscher Glacier. The valley was filled with alpine flowers, a regular little ecosystem, and so today's blip has to be one section of the flowers alongside the icy waters.

When we reached Gletscher Tor, the head of the valley, the path ran out at a huge piece of stone which was not for going over so we did not reach the snout.

We decided we still had some legs so walked down from Furi and Tony spotted this butterfly by the side of the path. Apparently it is an Apollo Butterfly!

Orienteering News: We both had good runs today. Tony finished in 50th place and I finished in 42nd place.

More Zermatt blips here!

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