Lavender and Hot Air

This evening we headed up to the lavender fields at Hitchin, which were open until 9pm today. It was a lovely evening, generally sunny, wonderfully warm, and the lavender looked gorgeous. It was no surprise to find half a dozen or more photographers there with backpacks and tripods (like me) and at least twice as many other photographers without tripods. All the other visitors seemed to be taking photographs as well with their compact cameras or mobile phones.

Lavender fields may be quite a hackneyed photographic subject, but it is the first time I have photographed them, and I quite enjoyed the results. However, rather than giving you a standard shot up the lines of lavender with one person on the thirds (!), I took the camera off the tripod to shoot this hot air balloon as it drifted quite rapidly across the lavender field towards the adjacent crop field. A fortunate and well timed appearance.

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