Blue Planet Photography

By blueplanetphoto

Preparations II

Two boxes containing a total of 100 6"x6" glass floor tiles arrived yesterday. These are the base materials for the floor I'm creating for the architect in New York. I've taken a rather mundane photo of the boxes and tiles and added some Photoshop pizzazz, playing with some effects I think I'll apply to future photos. Today, I'm getting my workspace organized so I can start on the tiles tomorrow.

Oh, our lighting program went well on Thursday night. I think we gave the attendees some relevant information and inspiration to go out and try some off-camera flash work on their own. It's an intimidating process because while light acts in predictable and measurable ways, in some cases it doesn't behave like you would think. It certainly takes practice and trial and error to find out what works and under what conditions. Our presentation was mostly about stationary objects (a studio-type situation). Once you get into moving subjects and changes in ambient lighting (i.e., weddings and other events) the game is a bit different. I've not used flash (particularly small strobes) very much, so this is all an education for me as well. Lots of new and exciting possibilities.

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