Blue Planet Photography

By blueplanetphoto

The Making

Some of you have expressed interest in the process I used to create the glass floor tiles I've mentioned. You might be surprised at the simplicity (but believe me, it's not as simple as it looks). The process starts with the top picture then goes left to right.

First, the file is checked and sized in the computer then printed using inks and paper specialized for this purpose.

The paper is set on the press and the blanks on the paper, then pressed.

When done, the tiles are set aside to cool. When cooled off, I check some ot make sure they look good when fit together, checking for color shifts, mismatching of lines (when necessary), etc.

Finally, they're packaged up and sent to the buyer.

One of the tricky aspects of this process is that the on-screen proof and the printed image look much different than the finished product, so it takes some time to be able to identify when the printout is going to have a color shift, though sometimes it's hard to tell until you make the thing, then it could be a few dollars down the drain and more if the print is multiple tiles. Keeping the printer and inks operational is a bit like tinkering on an old MG.

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