If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Dendrobium Orchid

A few days ago when watering I noticed one of my Dendrobiums had buds. So as I usually do I moved it into the living room so that we can enjoy the flowers. Once started the buds come on and open really quickly. Past experience has shown me that the flowers are no where near as long lived as the Phalaenopsis. Perhaps this is why you don't see them on sale as much. Phalaenopsis are so much showier and seem to be on sale every where.

As the flowers are fairly short lived and I hadn't anything else of note I took a few shots. Unlike the Phalaenopsis the Dendrobium had a stem with leaves coming of, whereas Phalaenopsis are a bunch of leaves with a long flower stalk. These flowers grow from the leaf axil in groups of 2 or three. They grow in diverse habitats throughout south, east and southeast Asia including Australia.

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