Spot the Souvenir!

It was the final day of Suisse O Week today and, sadly for the organisers and competitors, it has rained since early morning and low cloud has hung in the valley and on the mountain sides. Tony and I had early starts again so it was in to a soggy, gloomy funicular for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory crazy ride through and up the mountain to Sunnegga at 2288m. Those competitors who had arrived before us were huddled along the sides of the tunnel coming out from the funicular, keeping out of the rain and making it look like a refugee camp. All this is building up to our worst results of the week! I think we've been on such a high with the mountains and the running, particularly yesterday's event, that our minds and hearts weren't in it today and we both made errors. Our overall standings for the week were, Tony 47th and me, 61st - both in the top half of the results.

So it was back to Haus Styria and Tony decided to use his cable car pass one last time and take a ride up to the Glacier Paradise on Klein Matterhorn to hopefully rise above the was snowing on the viewing platform and there was no view sadly! I have been shopping and we are now both tucked up in front of the Commonwealth Games. It's our last full day tomorrow and the sun is promised again so a final walk in the mountains is on the cards.

Here is my blurry blip of three marmots taken at distance on our evening stroll yesterday.

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