Edelweiss Weg

Sadly it is the last day of our holiday here in Zermatt but the sun came out again so we decided to follow the Edelweiss Weg up into the mountains to the Wasserfall. At that point we went our separate ways, Tony to climb higher and me to do some wildlife blipping as I wended my way back down the valley. We both stopped off at different mountain huts for Apfel strudel and cuppas!

This walk is just beautiful for views but mainly for the alpine flowers which fill the valley and line the paths. We didn't see any edelweiss but we did add more species to our list and I was able to blip several more butterflies.

I managed to set up the camera on a rock to blip us both as we approached the waterfall. It gave us some laughs as it had a ten second delay and I had to get across the rocks to join Tony. Tony took over pressing the button as he has better knees so thisis the result!

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