Hola I'm Mini Claws

By MiniClaws

Baby walker

Today we got up early and went with Daddy to the holiday club he's helping with this week at a different church, Cathcart Trinity. I was up lots during the night and Mummy wasn't feeling that well, so it wasn't the best start to the day. After a while we found Esther with her Daddy and we sat and chatted with them for a bit. Then we saw Alan and Ruth and lots of other people. We all had lunch together once all the boys and girls had gone home, and then we decided to go for a coffee. When we got there I was too hot and tired and hungry and wasn't very happy, so after a while Mummy and Daddy decided to just take me home. We had a good couple of hours at home, but then in the evening Daddy had to go back to work, and I was a bit upset again. Once he came home he brought a baby walker with him that we've borrowed, so I had my first try in it. I love being on my feet so although I'm not really big enough to walk yet, it means I can stand up without Mummy or Daddy needing to hold me up all the time.

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