By EdgewoodGarden

Angel’s Trumpet

Each spring and fall, Mike wrestles the five pots of Brugmansia out onto the back patio from the studio. All winter, I fuss about the aphids and white flies that like to attack these huge potted plants. Are they getting enough water? Not too much? Is it too early to put them out? Should we wait a few more weeks? Do you think it might freeze?

And what is all this fussing for? Well, fragrant, magnificent 10 inch white trumpet flowers that grace the back patio with their presence and evening scent. There are seven species of these plants (from the same family as potatoes and tomatoes) with several different flower colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green, red, and our white. There are double cultivars as well. We were just talking about adding some more colors, shapes, and scents to our collection. Yes, more carting of large pots each spring and fall, but it would be worth it!

This photo is my chance to play Georgia O’Keefe (with my camera, not a paint brush).
BTW, all parts of this plant are poisonous.

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