Desperately seeking

By clickychick

300 In A Row!

3 blips per side
3 sides
3 rows
3 columns

Yeah, 300! I got the inspiration, back in November, for how I wanted to show my 300th blip. It had all the 3s and gave opportunities for image manipulation in Photoshop. Each side has 3 memorable blips of each 100 which has to culminate in that crazy SP for Bliptogether, the highpoint of my time in Blip so far. Thanks Joe and all the community that make this so much more fun than just putting up an image a day.

Blip:- you never know what the day's opportunities will bring. And tomorrow, on a visit to Edinburgh? Will it be a lovely sunrise, photojournalism, a newly openned flower, ducks or a colourful sunset?

Just like the Rubik's Cube, it's a puzzle unfinnished!
100th blip
200th blip

BTW The Elder Daughter also has a Red Balloon today. Well done Rachel!

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