... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mr. & Mrs.: Reaffirming Their Vows

More devoted in large ("L").

Hum, they caved in; I found Mr. & Mrs. back on Long Pond with the fledglings... I thought that the fledglings would return to Eagle Pond to be with their parents, but it seems that it was Mr. and Mrs. (well, most likely Mrs. with Mr. in tow...) who couldn't stay away from the fledglings.

Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. are doing lots of chattering and head bobbing to each other at the moment, confirming that they're a pair and reassuring each other. It is adorable. They also do this (although a noisier and more showy version) after Mr. chases away rivals or other birds vying for their territory in a display known as a "triumph ceremony" (previously uploaded to Flickr here).

The fledglings are still mooching around together but didn't interact with Mr. and Mrs. The larger ones also aren't very tolerant of the others... One hopped out of the water right by a sibling ("Surprise!") and then proceeded to hiss it away ("I said surprise!"). The other (non-Goosle) pair of young Egyptian geese are also still on the boating pond, and they definitely don't like the little Goosles, and chase them when they get too close ("Scarper!").

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