48 days to go

Morning in the office in Dunoon, travelling in the afternoon and in the evening a public debate in Craignure Hall pitting Carolyn Leckie & myself against Douglas Alexander and Mary Galbraih. There were around 120 people present - it was genuinely standing room only and there were lots of good questions and some fiery exchanges.

Brian Swinebanks chaired it very effectively and I think a good time was had by most, if not all - for example Douglas seemed a bit fixated on the words "foreigners" and "separation" and a bit exasperated when more positive views were put.

These three pictures were taken at various stages during the evening . The ferry is seen from the Isle of Mull Hotel as Cathleen and I were doing a quick turn round to get to the venue in time. Douglas is pictured at the conclusion of the debate in the hall and the lapel was seen whilst some YES supporters and others were having a drink afterwards - I just couldn't resist the juxtaposition of International Rescue (& my favourite Thunderbird) with the YES campaign !

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