Skin & Anatomy

Skin & Anatomy

A sculpture from a fellow alumni which is now displayed at Chatsworth. I wonder what 'Queeny' made of this when she popped around for tea a few weeks ago.

A fascinating tour of this historical building. It was actually awarded to the Devonshires for acts of terrorism against the then Catholic state (the deposition of James 1st). This was when our aspiring rulers plotted in a pub to bring William of Orange, with his army over from Holland to quietly invade England. Funnily enough, not much is made of this part of our Nation's history when the Dutch successfully invaded and took our country over. We make reference to the Roman and Norman conquests - but not to this. A fairly bloodless coup really, but then all the present aristocratic elites have made their incredible fortunes from it ever since.

So, who made this sculpture?

Food for thought.....

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