Second day of backpacking.

A bit of a restless and warm night, but still woke up feeling refreshed nonetheless.

What began as a short walk to watch the sunrise ended us up climbing another 1500 or so feet to above the snow line on the mountain.

Guessing we were at about 8000 feet, what a magical morning. And amazing view. Hard to describe in words.

Having already hiked 2+ miles by 8, we decided to pack up, escape the obnoxious flies, and head back to the lodge. We would decide where to go from there.

After our dehydrated breakfast (not the best), and hot coffees, it was already in the 70's and warm.

Out we went. The hike out was warm, but wasn't bad at all. Half of the hike was on a different trail, showing off lots of shade and more wildflowers.

We arrived back at the lodge early afternoon and decided to head home to S. Not before we had a couple cold drinks though to celebrate a fantastic time.

Cannot wait to do it again someday.... And possibly with kids.

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