Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Monmouth Meander

Today was the wife's day off. Carol Kirkwood indicated there would be intermittent showers (but I do find it hard to concentrate when she's on). Looking out the window it was hammering down, so long walking trousers and boots it was.

We picked up my sons dogs and drove to Monmouth Rowing Club to do 'Monmouth Meander'. It's Ramble 1 of Lower Wye Rambles (3rd edition) and is a 9 mile circular walk up to The Kymin (Naval Museum overlooking Monmouth) and down to The Biblins and back along the River Wye.

After leaving Newport on the A449 the weather was lovely and there was no sign of rain. The wife had her shorts on - she told me to put mine on - but I think Carol said 'showers'.

The blip photo is a reflection from the Wye on the return leg, about 3 miles from Monmouth. I loved the way the sun was shining off the water with a hint of blue sky.

I did look for a mono as it was Monday but nothing took my fancy. I had a suspicion this one would be the 'one'.

We walked a good 9 miles but the dogs ran about 30! back at the car we combed them. The one kept putting a paw on my arm when I stopped, and had her eyes closed. Trouble is, we had to leave at some time!

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