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By BobsBlips

A Rubbish View (Grangemoor Park)

I had a call out which ended up finishing in Cardiff. After a visit to my parents, I popped to Grangemoor Park, which is a few minutes away from them. For years I remember it being a rubbish tip and from their house could see the dumping and birds circling.

Now it is hard to believe this park was a rubbish tip. The transformation has been staggering. Today the park is an important recreational facility for local residents.The park is based on a hill formed by the old tip. In 2000, the restoration works were completed opening up a brand new open space.

The hill is used to good effect with a viewpoint at its summit. A good network of paths extend around the park and link well with adjoining areas. A high quality stone wall has been built around the edge. A pond has also been created to add further variety.

The site originally formed part of the River Taff Ely Estuary which contained meanders and ox bows at this point. The levels were then raised appreciably by developing as a landfill site. The Council has carried out major restoration works to create the park we see today. The park was opened in 2000 and named Grangemoor Park following a local competition.

For those interested, access is easiest opposite Asda in Cardiff Bay. It's very hard to believe it was a rubbish tip.

Machen Quarry can be seen just about the Brains Brewery chimney on the right hand side of the picture. The views are 360 degreees, and this is only part of what you can see.

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