Arnside and beyond

By gladders


Gus woke me this morning woofing, much earlier than usual. I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. I should have realised he was trying to tell me something. The sun was streaming through the blinds, and I thought it would still be bright and sunny at 0630. But no, by the time I got up, the sun had been swallowed by a sheet of cloud, and it looks like I might have missed a special sunrise. Gus knows how much I enjoy the dawn, and he didn't want me to miss it.

Here's another butterfly blip that isn't a scotch argus. By the time that Gus and I got up onto Arnside Knott this evening, they had all gone to roost (I saw one fluttering up into the canopy of a yew tree). But I have never blipped a red admiral before (I don't think so, anyway), and this was one of only 10 photographs taken today. The Buddleia outside the wall of our house is attracting good numbers of red admirals and peacocks. I liked this one because he looks to be drinking through a straw, as his proboscis probes a flower. The panels of his wings are lit up by transmitted light on a dull day.

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