... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosle Fledgling: Sipping

More like a hanging shelf-goose ornament in large ("L").

I found Mr. and Mrs. alone on Eagle Pond this morning! All six fledglings were on Long Pond with the other (young) pair of Egyptian geese. The male of the pair was drinking from a dripping pipe (used to fill the boating pond) which was amusing (four photos right from here).

I've also uploaded a few shots of the fledglings flapping out of the water, and a shot of one grazing whilst keeping a close eye on me.

When I went back this evening, only one of the fledglings was on Long Pond, and the other five had rejoined Mr. and Mrs. on Eagle Pond...

p.s. I'm sorry; I've not had much time for blip recently, but hope to catch up soon. Thank you for your comments in spite of my quietness.

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