Zester - stripper

Remember the raspberry tart which had decorations of pieces of lemon zest? I was wondering how people made lovely lemon peel curls because I couldn't with my standard graters. Then within a couple of weeks I saw special lemon zester/stripper tools at two friends' kitchens and I knew I had to have one too. Today I found one at that Swedish paradise for furniture and home accessories :-) Managed to find the way to it while avoiding the Brussels ring road and did a recce for son no 2 as we'll need to solve a clothes cabinet problem (no space for it in the teeny tiny bedroom).

Once at home I obviously needed to find out immediately how this lemon zester worked :-) The holes part is for very fine zest grating and the part in the middle for thicker longer zest curls. Oh, the uses of all this, from grated lemon zest in salad dressing to curls for drinks (dresses up boring water to no end)

Thanks very much for your comments and stars for yesterday's Red Asters Blip :-)

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