We had a quiet day at home today, doing domestic stuff. It seemed the best use of what promised - and turned out to be - a horrible day weatherwise. We ploughed through piles of stuff (mostly too tedious to mention such as having to cut yesterday's ironing board cover down to size as I bought the wrong one and couldn't be bothered to take it back), in particular setting up the new scanner for the glass negatives. Unfortunately, it appeared that the negative holders provided with the scanner are not large enough to take the negatives that we have. Mr A therefore swung into action to make his own... At one point, I thought he was taking Stanley and slicing things directly on top of my treasured coffee table. Luckily not, but I had a scare for a while. I was also struck by the indignity of a tube of glue being placed on top of my pile of stones and other beach finds. Most inappropriate, I thought.

We also disposed of the old scanner via Freecycle. I've never used this website before. It was snapped up within half an hour of my putting it on the website by a Romanian couple who have just come to Edinburgh - at least one of them is a student, I think. I'm always happy to give gadgets which are superfluous to requirements a second life.

In its own way, another highly satisfactory day.

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