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New Dawn

This is the first of a series of blips that will mean I'm committed to blipfoto until at least August 2011. Hopefully....

Forth Valley College, the place I call 'wurk', currently has three main campuses across the Central Belt in Scotland; Falkirk, Stirling and Alloa, with two new builds planned for Stirling and Alloa as well as a major refurbishment for the Falkirk campus. This month sees the start of the first phase of the new Alloa campus which will be built smack bang in the middle of this picture in amongst those trees. All going to plan, in around 20 months and after an investment of £21 million the first new students will walk through the swish new automatic doors of our new college.

The intention is to take this same shot on the first Wednesday of each month between now and then as a record of the construction process. This is the first.

It'll give me something to do for a bit...

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