Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

Dereliction :/

Well it got to half five and I still hadn't got a blip so on my way back from grocery shopping I parked up at the huge Dalton Mills site in Keighley. It's a magnificent old building - well it was ….though happily it looks to be having a make over - a humongous task!!!
2000 workers were employed here in its hey day but in past years it has sadly been the site of many an arson attack:(
Well I was wandering round when I was approached by the security guard so I reeled off my speech - I'm doing a photography course and the theme for my current coursework is dereliction - as my nose grew and grew….. The security man turned out to be a very nice chap called Bill - who kindly showed me a quick glimpse of the interior - gosh what a place!
He told me that it had been bought by a millionaire who was doing it up for his children to inherit. Also he told me that they actually do paint balling in the mill and they do ghost tours! He welcomed me back and I could happily spend a couple of hours there with my camera - and a plus one I think next time!!
Not the best settings on my camera as taken by surprise - oh any excuse hey!!!! :)

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