Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff

The first job was yet another visit to the local Post Office sorting depot to collect a parcel because the Royal Mail wouldn't try my neighbour (despite a note on my door).

Afterwards we parked near my old college in Llandaff and walked into Cardiff City Centre. The wife had ordered and paid for some bikinis from Bravissimo. To save on postage, she'd arranged to pick them up and try them on. (She has trouble with her size).

I headed off to The National Museum of Wales, planning to take a photo of some ancient artifacts and hoards. Apparently in February it was all put in to storage to be redisplayed at St Fagans Castle.....in 2017! They couldn't understand it either. I had a look around the museum. Mostly art now. It's gone downhill over the years, in my opinion.

My wife had a refund on her bikini stuff as it didn't fit properly. She was despondent, and after going to another specialist ladies shop she eventually bought one. Happiness is a good fit.

I got the blip photo in the arcade opposite the shop she was in. I like the reflections and colours.

Cardiff boasts six historic arcades, which in total stretch to a length of 2,655 ft! The beautiful arcades still retain many of their original features and are home to dozens of unique stores and cafés. In the Castle Quarter you'll find High Street Arcade, Duke Street Arcade and Castle Arcade. Home to a number of great vintage and craft shops, cosy cafés and the odd deli.

Towards the south of the city centre, the Morgan Quarter is home to Royal Arcade, Wyndham Arcade and Morgan Arcade. In these arcades you'll find boutique shops selling clothes, jewellery and plenty of cafés and restaurants to rest weary feet.

One of Cardiff’s most famous shops, Spillers Records, the oldest records store in the world, is based in Morgan Arcade – its 3rd home since opening in 1894. Over the years Spillers has seen and supplied many varied types of pre-recorded music and now offers a diverse selection of music on both CD and vinyl.

I met the ex-part owner of Spillers Records on holidays in Cuba many years ago and we still keep in touch.

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