walking in the city

By inthecity

It's rainy and cold outside. I'm happy to finally locate the Mill Street Pub for the blipmeet. The pub is packed. Everyone in the place is laughing and noshing and enjoying the brews.

I'm late to the table and have just been introduced to RaspberryJefe (left), Revelatio (right), and daisies of the galaxy (right of frame in a fabulous red jacket). LRW, who brought us all together, and his lady are here (also out of frame and sparkling as ever).

Clearly my new friends are already getting along. I order a glass of Frambozen and slip into the chair they've saved for me. Thanks everybody, you're all wonderful company.


blip 1000
I never played it by the numbers, but this blip makes me happy.
Thanks blipfriends

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