Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Nothing Could Be Heard...

but the slamming of the door!

I knew from last night's sunset that it would be a lovely morning! I should have got up earlier. Blame the contents of last night's blip!

I only had time for a quick stop on the way to work but I had blipped the boathouse in mid December so didn't want to do it again just yet. However when we got to the nearest lay-by there was nothing else to be seen. The valley was still filled with mist.

I had taken a shot before I realised there was a lady standing on the verandah in a bright pink dressing gown.

Slam! She went indoors.

I took a couple more shots and started walking back to the car checking my pics, I could just perhaps do with another one. Oh, no, she was back out again! What could I pretend to be photographing? Nothing! There was nothing else to see!


If you choose to holiday in the most photographed part of Ullswater's 20 mile shoreline, expect the occasional photographer!

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