Wine,Women & Song

By CelloNerd

The Longest Beach in the USA

After a wonderfully easy and breezy drive up the magnificent Oregon Coast, we landed at our destination for the day - Long Beach, WA. At 28 miles long, the beach here is the longest in the USA and also has the honor of being the site where Lewis and Clark completed their mission.

Our hotel, The Adrift (two thumbs up in my books, it's a keeper!) provided complimentary bicycles, so after we got settled in, off we went for a ride along a trail that parallels the beach and boardwalk. It was the perfect way to explore the town, meet a few people, and get some much-needed exercise on a gorgeous afternoon.

After dinner, and dusk, we walked out to the beach armed with our "S'mores Package" which included all the ingredients for s'more (marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers) along with a heavy blanket, a bottle of red wine, and enough kindling and firewood for a warm and cozy fire on the beach.

It was as close to perfect as a weekend can get.

28 beautiful miles of sand.

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