a town called E.

By Eej

In Vino Veritas

Before I moved here I had no idea the southwest of Michigan is wine-country but there's vineyards galore. Our friend Joe has a vineyard/orchard and we're always welcome to pick apples, peaches, grapes ... or to take pictures if nothing can be picked. His family has had the farm for forever and their house looks out over the vine-covered hills. It's beautiful.

Because of all the grapes around, our little town has two wineries and hosts a Wine & Harvest Festival in September. With free tasting. Woo & hoo!
I was a little leary at first (my wine was usually French. Or Italian. Maybe Australian. Okay, maybe I was a bit of a snob) but now I'm a HUGE fan of their Pinot Grigio. And their blush wine :)

The vines can look kinda creepy but the sun was out, so today they just looked cold. There's a strong wind a-blowing too, which makes it feel even colder. Blowing snow across roads and in our faces. Lovely :)

Took so many shots so put the remainder on Flickr:


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