A time for everything

By turnx3

Climbing the Great Orme

The plan for the day had been for us all to go to Llandudno for the day, but unfortunately Roger's Dad wasn't feeling so good, but they encouraged the rest of us to go as planned. It was an overcast day and quite blustery, but we didn't let that deter us from climbing the Great Orme, a prominent limestone headland at one end of the bay, echoed at the other end by the Little Orme, a similar but smaller headland. We climbed up the zig-zag path from West Shore, pausing several times to enjoy the great views. Up near the summit there were beautiful large stretches of gorse and heather. We rewarded ourselves at the top with a hot chocolate and a delicious cream cake, before descending into the town of Llandudno, roughly following the line of the tramway. The last time we were in Llandudno was when the children were quite small, and we were with my parents, so that time we had taken the tram up. The first part of the path down was very steep, so I took it quite gingerly. Once at the bottom, we walked along the promenade for a way, and then walked through the town back to the car. We then drove onto Conwy and went for a wander round there. It was very busy down by the waterfront, as there was some sort of festival going on, with rowing races, and families fishing for crabs. We stopped in a tea room for a cup of tea, and then continued on to Betwys-y-Coed. By this time, we were feeling pretty tired, having done a lot of walking throughout the day, so it was time to head back home, stopping at an Indian/Chinese buffet for dinner on the way.

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