By pixelatedpete


If you are familiar with the Open University, you'll know that the assessment exercises are called Tutor Marked Assessments (TMAs) and if these are to be submitted electronically they are eTMAs. The first is eTMA-01 and I read it today, though I didn't do any work on it!

Anyone familiar with Arthur C Clarke's Space Odyssey will know other TMAs (Tycho Magnetic Anomaly) that have a whole different purpose. Well, perhaps. Maybe my own TMA-01 will act a little like TMA-0 did? Who knows where this will go. This being 2010, I better get on to eTMA-2 quickly!

[the photo is the assessment book with a bike light behind and a radial blur applied to the outside of the centre (the bit in the middle is what the camera saw) - the blur is there to take out the table that was on the left... ;-)]

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