By Bob20


I am giving a talk on the history of our watermill to a history society next Tuesday, not that I know anything about history! I last studied history in school and gave it up in the 2nd year. It's ironic that I achieved a score of 1/10 for a piece of work on the industrial revolution and here I am immersed in restoring a very important piece of history from that time.

I have managed to piece together plenty to talk about including maps dating back to 1616. I'm told there are over 30people coming, and I've spent today filling our barn with chairs and setting up the equipment for the Powerpoint presentation. I took the last few pictures today. Luckily, I have a 60 inch TV in there used largely to watch sport:)))

The watermill is quite dangerous inside, so I can't lethe visitors in so I have taken quite a few piccys of the machinery.

This is one of a set of stones and their wooden surrounds. Although Derbyshire is known for its manufacture of millstones in the past, these are best French millstones. I have no idea why local ones were not used.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm so pleased my poppy blip was well received. Thanks.

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