A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Touring Barcelona

We decided to do the second tour bus route today which involved the majority of the Barcelona sights that I wanted to see!

We started off the morning with breakfast in Starbucks before making our way to the bus stop. The place I most wanted to see whilst in Barcelona waa Park Guell, which we got to go to today, however, Barcelona has changed quite a bit since Kirsty was here the last time, and unfortunately you now have to book tickets to get into the main park. By the time we got to the park, the tickets were sold out for the next couple of hours, so we couldn't get into see the lizards and the wavy seat and do the rest of the tour. So we left and headed to the Camp Nou to do the tour of the football ground.

It seems silly but Barcelona is quite a lot larger than I imagined, but it's lovely and not in the slightest how I thought it would be. The Barcelona tour has been the highlight of the trip so far, it was great getting to see where some of the greatest footballers in the world play on a weekly basis. It's crazy how many trophies and championships they've one as a team, but also how many trophies and championships the Barcelona basketball and hockey have won also!

Today's trip also involved seeing the Sagrada Familia which was another thing on my to see list! There is so much detail engraved into the building, it's insane! I loved it, and I think it will be incredible when it's finally complete, whenever that happens!

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