A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Barcelona, Here We Come!

Up bright and early this morning to catch our flights to Barcelona for the Moto GP over the weekend! I can't believe it's finally here! Going to the Moto GP is something myself and my sister have talked about for years and it's finally happening!

We arrived in Barcelona before lunch time, as we'd stayed overnight in Newcastle and got the earliest flight possible, so we had all the afternoon to explore the city. After checking in to the hotel, we caught the Turistica tour bus to spend the day going around the red route which had a few things that we wanted to see on it.

We got off at the gothic quarter (where this gorgeous cathedral was located) and headed for a wander round there and into the huge El Corte Ingles. I wish they had them in the U.K, the greatest department store ever! We walked down La Rambla and into the incredible market half way down. I don't think I've ever seen as much fruit or any as big in my life before! Again, I wish they had that in the U.K!

We decided to walk back to the hotel in order to see as much of the city as is humanly possible as we've only 2 days for sight seeing. We headed to the bull ring to look for somewhere to have dinner but couldn't find anywhere so headed back to the hotel to eat there. Dinner was a disaster to say the least. Kirsty doesn't eat cheese, and the chicken the brought out for her had flecks of cheese throughout it. Rather than saying or asking for something else, she played with her food and ate her chips so it looked like she'd eaten. Never mind, my food was nice anyway!

Chilled in the hotel tonight as Kirsty isn't keen for wandering about the city at night as we're girls and it's not worth arguing with her over. Book it is then!

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