creative lenna

By creativelenna

summer in Florida

Asia, our oldest dog, thinks swimming or walking in the water is the thing to do! Chloe gets her feet wet, but she prefers to walk on the sand. Steve does a little of both!

DeSoto Memorial Park has lots of mature Sea Grapes for shade on the walking paths. And it was a good thing we went for a walk at 9:00 am because it was HOT today! We used to walk at DeSoto all the time when it was in our back yard . . . it is a beautiful place and dog friendly. Now it's a 20 minute drive for us, but still lovely to walk there. I do look forward to cooler 70-80 degree F weather, instead of the 88-94 we have now. I took a bunch of photos sharing the park and what I found beautiful there. I put a few photos here.

I also have many lovely blips from past visits to this beachy, sea-grapey, dog loving park!!

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