I see you

Penultimate day of our holiday.

Despite some very sad news just prior to leaving we've had a great time, perhaps because we've realised life is precious. That shouldn't need repeating you'd think but then you get caught up in everyday life and sometimes forget what's important.

The boys have been great and infuriating the last few days, so no change there. They are so different but they can, within minutes, go from partners in crime to arch enemies, and back again.

I think today has been the hottest day so far but we're used to it now and respond accordingly.

We spent a long time in the water and I spent a long time floating on my back, pondering whether I could fall asleep. I didn't.

We then had some freshly squeezed juice made by a suitably laid back guy. He had a beard and we hairy men seem to be very much to be in a minority in Menorca. Mine could go but I'd have a very two tone face.

Cousin Rob together with Louisa and the kids is coming out in about an hour so we went and got some emergency provisions just in case.

We're going to meet them at the airport so I need to give the boys a shower so they don't look too neglected!

Home tomorrow to rain and a sombre occasion, where I hope we can all celebrate a life lived exceptionally well.

I might have fallen in love with Menorca. I think I get it now. Need to speak to parents about not getting rid of this house!

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