Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Downtown alley

Two frames today;15 for the week so far; nine left for the weekend. This, however, was a mistake. I forgot myself, and my challenge to take fewer and more careful and mindful photos.

I was heading up an alley, and saw this bloke ahead, almost-silhouetted against the light, with an excellent glow around him. I knew the settings I had would have blown out the sky utterly, so I whirled the shutter-speed control dial, pointed the camera in kind of the right direction, and clicked. "What a waste of an exposure", I thought when I saw the monumental shutter speed. The sky was exposed well though ;) and with some judicious processing, I think it ended up not bad.

Click to ennoirenate.

Bettr. Flickr.

Takumar Bayonet 1:2.8 20mm on Pentax K-30. f/5.6 (of course).

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