By sandraatje

With the ferry to Manly

Day 2 in Australia.

We first walked through a park to walk to something and then bumped into the Anzac memorial. It was quite interesting to see and read about Australia's role in war time, so we got stuck in the park a little longer than we anticipated :)

After that we arranged some stuff for the next day and went to the pier to take the ferry to Manly. It's quite nice to see Sydney from the ferry as it travels through the water. There were also a lot of people sailing here in these waters!

In manly we walked around on the beach and did a little walk more. As it started to get dark and we weren't entirely sure whether where we were walking we decided to go back to get some food. We went to some nice restaurant after which we headed back to Sydney.

The world had turned dark in the mean time so on the ferry back we got an even different view on Sydney and the opera house which was quite nice. As we walked by darling harbour we headed back to our hostel.

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