As my mood grabs me...

By AlisonM


I'm not doing very well this evening. The blasted pc has frozen up twice so far so I've switched the stupid thing and got the laptop out instead. That means I can't get the pictures off the card for the little Sony as I've left the card-reader at work but they weren't that special anyway.

At least I got some goodies today - I got landed with the job of stationery ordering a few years ago and happily the people I deal with are a lovely bunch. This little packet of choccies and Love Hearts were waiting for me when I got back from lunch today - needless to say they went straight into my bag and home - I'm not sharing them!

It might have been a good idea to turn the Love Heart packet around the right way but things just weren't working out right so this is the best I'm going to manage tonight. I think I'll find a CSI rerun to sit and watch instead while I fiddle with my flashgun and try to figure out why the stupid thing won't fire :)

At least it's Friday tomorrow - there's always a silver lining!

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