A slow train of black swans

I'm very late today (posting after midnight) after a lovely day spend at the golf course.
Not just any golf course, the golf course where husband and I learned to play golf about 35 years ago. It was a reunion day & competition for those people who have been members since the beginning of the course. My later parents-in-law had been involved in the founding of the club and they made us members while we were students and not able to pay for membership ourselves. We were some of the youngest members then and were some of the youngest members of this reunion today. It was a beautiful day and as most of the players were a bit older then us I had the fortune to ride in a golfcart ;-) instead of overexercising my bad heel and knee. Husband was very happy that his shoulder behaved very well.

Anyway, as it is September I promised I will try to do the musical challenge which my friend Lorna has set up, see here. And the only picture I took today which could remotely fit in is of this black swan couple who live on the golf course and were performing a sort of slow dance one after the other from one pond to another. I think with a bit of imagination they can be the image for Flanders and Swann's (!!) The slow train

Thanks very much for your comments and stars for yesterday's heart-shaped cookie moulds ! It's now past 1 am, I'm off to bed but I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

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