An Inviting Bend in the Path

It's been really damp lately in the mornings, and I have seized every opportunity I can to get out and take some pictures in the fog. On this particular morning, I made my way back to misty Millbrook Marsh. If the fog is ever doing anything interesting, the marsh is a great place to watch it.

There is often much to see by way of animals at the marsh, but on this morning, with the marsh blanketed in fog, even the birds seemed quiet. And I made my way, as I always do, down the familiar paths . . . up the boardwalk and along the creek, snapping pictures, watching yellow leaves dance and fall, and enjoying every inviting bend in the path.

The real world calls, but through the fog, I can't hear it. More importantly, the pathway beckons. And so I follow. For just a few more minutes, it's just me with my camera, and the marsh, and the soft sweetness of morning light through the fog.

The soundtrack: Kate Bush, The Fog.

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