Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward


with an apple for teacher. As depicted in a small room of the Holbrook Courthouse, now a museum containing all sorts of memorabilia including cameras, typewriters, calculating machines, toys, clothes, Hashknife Posse mementos and a complete law library from when the courtroom was last used in 1979.

This was an impromptu visit (I was a week too early for the Navajo County Fair) and wouldn't you know I met a couple, Shaun and Maxine, from St Helens, Lancs. Of course I did the un-Englishman-abroad thing and spoke to them. They were following as much of the old US Route 66 from Chicago as they could admitting that they'd followed the road to dead ends sometimes. I hope they reach Santa Monica safely. And yes they had seen Billy Connelly's programme . . .

They were staying the night at the famous Wigwam Motel on Route 66 in Holbrook.

And I took a few more snaps which I posted at the other place.

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