By scintilla

DWP Vacation Departure

If you look at Dogwoodpuddle's intro page, you'll see he like kayaking. That's an understatement. He outfitted his whole family with kayaks and then some. It was great seeing him and his family. His kids are mostly in that accelerated growth curve as is my daughter K (Calico). They're also in or approaching peak adolescence which makes for interesting beach house dialogue. DWP and his family are leaving today two days before the rest of us (seven remaining). Although the beach is still terrific and fun (the weather has been perfect), with DWP's crew gone, there's a real sense the vacation is winding down.

K and I found an internet cafe on Friday the 26th, but we didn't have a blip for Friday yet. We thought we'd upload what we had while sucking down an ice coffee and peach smoothie respectively.

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