By scintilla

Blip the Blipper's Name

The family reunion trip to Rehoboth Beach always includes a trip to Funland on the boardwalk. The most evil ride at permanent carnival is "Chaos". For a multitude of reasons, I have long since stopped strapping myself into such contraptions. I did ride the SeaDragon which is like a big boat that swings back and forth. It brings your dinner up to your throat, but does so in a smooth predictable way. Chaos on the other hand whips you around in an unpredictable brutal way. Here is another carnival like shot. I also debated publishing a sweet deer family shot I took at my Dad's house. We went back to DC for a day trip to check on his house, collect the mail, and freshen the food, water, and litter of his 4 cats. Despite his relatively close location to the city, he gets a lot of deer. They love to eat flowers.

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