By TMac

One Side Of The Fence

Things are really heating up here in Scotland as the referendum approaches.

On the drive to school there is a bit of competition between two land owners. The field on one side has a UKOK sign and the other...

The UKOK sign has moved progressively closer to the side of the road which has provided much entertainment as the the big day beckons.

Some people have been saying on social media that the whole thing has become dangerously divisive and the fall out is going to be very nasty. General mud-slinging is a daily occurrence (sometimes very funny - Scots have a great sense of humour!) and yes, sometimes it's all a bit vexing and frustrating...Ho hum, but so is life really!

As someone with a massive distrust of most things political, the main thing I see around me is that people who have never shown any interest in politics or social justice or economics, have started to educate themselves, people who have never registered to vote or voted before have ensured their opinion is counted a week on Thursday. It is amazing to see Scotland awake and alert and involved!

Personally, I have (GOOD!) friends on both sides, and although we may have very strong opinions one way or another, things have remained amicable. As long as everyone has thought through their own decision and opinion, I think most people I know can be trusted to act maturely and sensibly.

We live in a democracy.

When democracy works well, there obviously will be losers and disappointed voters.

The important thing is to respect those on the other side of the fence, be sure in your own mind of your own reasons, ignore most of what is said by politicians and above everything else, USE YOUR VOTE!

Guess what side of the fence I am on!

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