Big day

He said there wouldn't be evidence, but there is!!!!

Looking quite sceptical, before our trip to the Palace of Holyroodhouse this evening.

We were there for a big dinner where I received an award from the University Chancellor. Surprisingly this was not in recognition of my four years of blipping (without missing a day, I'll have you know) but in recognition of achievements in my professional life.

Hard to measure the two against each other. Some of my previous 'blip days' have been odd or strange days. This one outranks all the others.

Anyway, since this blipfoto is going to be projected out to the world as the 1460th blip, thanks in advance for any comments that might appear.

Update: if you were wondering what we were dressed up for my 1461st blip (precisely 4 years since I started because of the leap year) comprises the 'take away' object from last night.

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