"As I Peer Through The Window Of Lost Time ....

.... Looking over my yesterdays."

I've been at the Homestead today photographing mirrored furniture that has been in the family home since before I was born. I hate looking at myself in the mirror, or looking-glass, as our French master would have it. Luckily I have a fairly big camera to hide behind.

They don't make looking glasses like they used to. All of the mirrors on the ancient items I togged were in perfect condition. We had our bathroom done a couple of years ago and installed an expensive heated and illuminated mirror and its silvering is already starting to fail.

My pic shows the Victorian oak shaving stand that has always been in the bathroom. The original, sensible, sturdy loo-roll holder can be seen also. Shame my parents did away with the cast-iron, ball and claw footed bath in the 70s for an avocado suite. :(

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