A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Getting Organised..

Rory and I woke up late, had a slow start to the day and a lazy day in general but it was productive when it got going.

Rory's phone contract runs out tomorrow so we spent the morning going between phone shops to see where offered the best deal on which phone and trying to decide which phone Rory wanted (an iPhone of course, but a 5s or to wait until Friday to get the 6?). We ended up in Phones 4 U, which had horrifically noisy Yes campaigners outside which was led by a horrendously out of tune singer. After lunch, Rory decided on his new phone, a 5s after realising just how big the 6 will be, which he was very happy about.

Mum called me to ask if Rory and I were free on the night of my birthday and to invite us both to dinner with the family. It's weird to think that in 2 weeks, I'll be 21!

My uni room this year has a double-ish sized bed, which means that I need new bedding, which I have been too lazy to actually go about getting. So..Rory and I headed to Tesco with the aim of getting a double duvet and some new bed sheets and left Tesco after spending a ridiculous amount of money on new bedding, a duvet, new pyjamas and a week's shopping, which we had to lug back up to the flat. Now that my room is all kitted out with bedding and my new fairy lights (thanks to Rory for putting up), it's looking pretty cute!

We spent the night watching Skyfall on Netflix after making an awesome dinner of Cajun chicken with rice in pitta bread (Rory's invention). Despite it being a bit lazy, I've had an excellent day!

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